Live Review – Ka Baird – The Lexington – 06.03.2018

(Photo: Marcia Bassett) NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Spires That In The Sunset Rise Ka Baird recently visited the Lexington in central London, bringing in a perfect concoction of unusual improvisational psych off the back of latest record, 2017’s Sapropelic Pycnic. There no messing around to start Baird’s set; which starts off without introduction… Continue reading Live Review – Ka Baird – The Lexington – 06.03.2018


Gwenno – Le Kov

Gwenno is no stranger to being a stranger in the wider world. 2014 album Y Dydd Olaf saw her explore cultural preservation through a synthetic sci-fi lens; the album shares the name of Owain Owain’s 1976 novel about a world in which robots conquer the world by cloning humans. On new album Le Kov, Gwenno… Continue reading Gwenno – Le Kov

All of the colours – A conversation with Mr Yolk

"When you have complete control during the construction of a song and your thoughts get re-affirmed through it, it is a really cool feeling", explains songwriter Samuel Jones about his new musical venture, Mr Yolk. After previously putting out music as part of Velvet Morning and Rocket Ship TV, Jones decided that his next project was… Continue reading All of the colours – A conversation with Mr Yolk