Adwaith – Melyn

Melyn, the debut album from Carmarthen upstarts Adwaith is a fascinating look into a band who have their foundations based in the past with eyes firmly set in the future. The album title can be a misrepresentation at first, but look a little closer and it’s a perfect indicator of the contents inside. Melyn –… Continue reading Adwaith – Melyn


Freshly Squeezed – Sept 2018

Autumn is probably my favourite time of the year. Some things I like about Autumn; finally get to wear boots again, can finally drink tea all day without overheating, can finally dress in nice clothes instead of having to wear the bare minimal, finally get to listen to Animal Collective's Sung Tongs on repeat and so on… Continue reading Freshly Squeezed – Sept 2018

How to Create a Compelling Solo Album: Interview with Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan is the archetype of a local legend. Basing himself out of San Francisco, Donovan has been pushing the envelope for bands playing rock of varying kinds in the city’s name. The main standout of Donovan’s CV saw him as frontman for the much-beloved Sic Alps - whose legacy will or already has seen… Continue reading How to Create a Compelling Solo Album: Interview with Mike Donovan