Freshly Squeezed – Sept 2018

Autumn is probably my favourite time of the year. Some things I like about Autumn; finally get to wear boots again, can finally drink tea all day without overheating, can finally dress in nice clothes instead of having to wear the bare minimal, finally get to listen to Animal Collective's Sung Tongs on repeat and so on… Continue reading Freshly Squeezed – Sept 2018


Freshly Squeezed – August 2018

Erthlings - Bridges “Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!” That’s my inner monologue listening to ‘Bridges’, the debut track from Sydney band Erthlings. While each of the band members in Erthlings are only the tender age of 16, they’ve been playing together since they were 8: and this chemistry together really shines through already.… Continue reading Freshly Squeezed – August 2018