Gwenno – Le Kov

Gwenno is no stranger to being a stranger in the wider world. 2014 album Y Dydd Olaf saw her explore cultural preservation through a synthetic sci-fi lens; the album shares the name of Owain Owain’s 1976 novel about a world in which robots conquer the world by cloning humans. On new album Le Kov, Gwenno… Continue reading Gwenno – Le Kov


Shopping – The Official Body

Shopping may be the perfect band to beckon in 2018. The London-based dance-punk trio have previously established themselves as being both lively and politically motivated on 2013’s Consumer Complaints and then again on 2015’s Why Choose. Coming into their third album, the question may be which side to fall onto more? Luckily, on The Official… Continue reading Shopping – The Official Body