The Great Escape 2018: Who To Catch

Brighton’s The Great Escape festival is well-known for being a hotbed of exciting up-and-coming new bands. There’s a high chance that the next ‘big thing’ will play at the festival each year thanks to the huge industry presence and the sheer amounts of artists and bands that will come through the town over the weekend.… Continue reading The Great Escape 2018: Who To Catch


Freshly Squeezed – April 2018

Hello and welcome to the April edition of FrSq, the monthly column in which I outline what's been in my music rotation over the past month. Andy Jenkins - Sweet Bunch As far as a mark of quality on a piece of music, the Spacebomb affiliation is a consistent one. A frequent collaborator of Spacebomb… Continue reading Freshly Squeezed – April 2018

Live Review: Eric Chenaux / Jamie Stewart – The Lexington – 09.04.2018

[Photo by Esther Campbell] One of the most interesting line-ups on the year so far made its way into The Lexington, London, as the dual-headlining gig of Eric Chenaux and Jamie Stewart proved to be an astounding look into the blanket dual nature of music. Chenaux, a fixture of the experimental scene in Toronto throughout… Continue reading Live Review: Eric Chenaux / Jamie Stewart – The Lexington – 09.04.2018

Live Review – Ka Baird – The Lexington – 06.03.2018

(Photo: Marcia Bassett) NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Spires That In The Sunset Rise Ka Baird recently visited the Lexington in central London, bringing in a perfect concoction of unusual improvisational psych off the back of latest record, 2017’s Sapropelic Pycnic. There no messing around to start Baird’s set; which starts off without introduction… Continue reading Live Review – Ka Baird – The Lexington – 06.03.2018